Different Strokes And Different Folks

Different Strokes And Different Folks

Posted on: 10, August 2018

Escort girls photographs are designed to show off the working girls best assets in the best possible light. But even the most attractive among us have little flaws. That crooked smile, small or droopy boobs, a bigish bum. Trust me, even the most beautiful models and actresses have little things that they are aware of. You and I might not notice them, but they do. Monica Bellucci, Kendal Jenner, Margot Robbie. So what hope for the rest of us?

And if you are working as a professional escort girl, the same is likely to be true of you. But that does not mean that you will be any less marketable. Perfect is not the same as sexy. And sexy does not require perfection. The sexiest woman who chooses to escort Marbella clients will not necessarily have the best photos or be totally perfect. So it is important that you give the clients and the escort agency the tools to manage client expectations and perceptions. Selling is nothing more or less than the management of perceptions and expectations.

Different Strokes And Different Folks

If you have not met the agency let them know about these issues. I am sure that in most cases its just you being hyper critical about you. However, let the agency know and they can pitch you and your services in just the right way. That is, after all, their job. And in the hands of a good sales person receptionist that crooked smile can become cute warm and welcoming. Small boobs can become pert and perfect. A little bit droopy than then that mean they are natural and real and that big bum become bootilicious.

Different looks and different vibes will again allow you to appeal to a greater market of potential clients. These pictures should be “polished” but look like you. A little air brushing is pretty much standard there days and girls who don't look model perfect are likely to be selected less.A beautiful selfie should also be included that shows your best assets. Lets face it, once a gentleman is hooked on the professional shots how could he resist the real you?

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