Manchester Nightclub Door Policies Accused of Racism

Manchester Nightclub Door Policies Accused of Racism

Posted on: 04, May 2016

Manchester is one of the most diverse cities on the planet. There are people from every ethnicity and culture that the earth has to offer. It is one of the most spectacular aspects of Manchester, is that one can find a real melting pot of cultures and ideals.

Sadly, some do not see it this way. There are those narrow-these people minded people out there that believe that restricting access to some facilities is perfectly acceptable when that person belongs to a person of another race or ethnicity. These people are filtering their way through the city of Manchester and are finding themselves at the front doors of many of the Manchester nightclubs.

Recently, it has been discovered that some of these nightclubs have created unofficial door policies that are meant to restrict persons of a certain race from being able to enter the club. It is so sad to see that in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world that ideas like this are still prevalent in the 21st century.

Many try to dispel the idea that this is going on. They are right in that an accusation is not proof, but there seems to be a growing amount of evidence that supports the idea that this kind of racism is going on in some of Manchester’s most popular nightclubs.

For those who live in the area it becomes quite easy to be able to find out which clubs are invoking this policy and avoided going there. However, this is not an easy task when you are a visitor to the city or simply don’t know very much about Manchester. Then there becomes a challenge of trying to determine which club a person should not attend because of their racist door policies.

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It is sad to see that some of these ideas are still finding themselves in Manchester, but you do not have to support clubs that are willing to uphold these policies.

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