The World’s Classiest Escort Girls

The World’s Classiest Escort Girls

Posted on: 05, June 2017

Some of the classiest escort girls in the world are located right here in Chelsea. There is a top end of every product in any business: do you buy a Tesco bag for life or a Jane Birkin handbag, should you invest in Ratner’s jewellery or something from De Beers, would you holiday in Marseille or Monaco – we all have a choice and some like to have the best, the very finest of them all.

Chelsea is undoubtedly one of London’s most upmarket districts, so it should come as no surprise that finding an escort at the top end of the scale can be sourced right in the district of Chelsea. Some of the escorts here earn up to £10,000 per night but are of a certain class and stature.

Some of these escorts are so up-market they could be mistaken for being classy models that would look more at home on a catwalk in Milan or Paris. They wear expensive perfume, don’t drink or do drugs and yet will stay up all night and party, laugh and kiss on command. Many of the girls may originate from Russia or East Europe, where the tendency to look beautiful has always been ingrained on the girls from an early age.

These girls manage to look smart, beautiful and classy without actually looking anything like an everyday hooker. Taking a top line escort in Chelsea to a works function or exhibition would easily prevent tongues from wagging as the lady in question would dress to impress, not look too tarty and blend in naturally with the environment demanded by the client.

Chelsea’s classiest escorts also have a working knowledge of the game. They will know which positions a client means, understand the behaviour needed during light bondage sessions and work hard on those acting skills during any sessions. Things like eye contact, not rushing into any job and definitely not faking anything are important factors that only a classy escort in Chelsea can ratify.

But as we have pointed out earlier, paying through the nose for an escort girl in Chelsea is not a given. There are plenty of good girls available for an hour or so for less than £100 and right in the heart of Chelsea, Knightsbridge or Belgravia too.

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