Top 5 places to visit for a night out in Manchester

Top 5 places to visit for a night out in Manchester

Posted on: 27, Apr 2016

Twisted Wheel and Hacienda- are these two names making you to connect to some of the well-known and noted nightclubs in Manchester? Well, if you are a self-confessed night animal and love to go clubbing, letting loose and enjoying to the core, then you must leaf through these top 5 nightclubs giving you a chance to de-stress, shake a leg, spice up things with a hottie and more! You can find plenty of options when choosing a babe from the trusted escort agency, Silk Manchester Escorts.

Cloud 23

if you want to be in cloud nine with your chosen lady with no strings attached, then you can spend a romantically-inclined evening at this very cosy and friendly bar. if you are a lover of cocktail and want to spend some quality moments with a female fatale, then let Cloud 23 be the place where you can make a lot of things to happen over a pre-dinner cocktail!

The Northern Quarter

Are a you a die-hard Mancunian and love to make the most of the scintillating air that prevails at night in Manchester? Then you must tread by the busy and buzzing Northern Quarter where you will find a number of bars strewn in your way like Port Street Beer House, Marble Brewery’s 57 Thomas Street, Bakerie and more! You will be spoilt for choices when thinking of having your dose of entertainment and chill out while succumbing to the throes of passion and pleasure in Manchester!


If you have been looking for some entertaining spot that acts like a kitchen, give way to a sprawling club space and also acts as a live venue, then stop by Gorilla. If the hottie that you choose from Silk Manchester Escorts is a gin lover, then go for a nice evening, cooking up fun in its mezzanine gin parlour. Enjoy live band performances, an electrifying atmosphere where you can enjoy to the core in a carefree way!


If you are looking for saucy moments, then let Sakura sweep you away off its feet with its amazing variety. Sakura has a young and dynamic crowd pouring in and you can just sizzle things up after 9 p.m. when it gives way to The Twisted Tokyo Lounge! This place can take you to a high note and it is the very infectious Japanese vibe with the dash of uber-cool contemporary club culture which dominates the whole ambience at Sakura. Move to the beats of rhythm and sophistication where you can tear up the dance floor, enjoy pop, funk and varied of party themes. Good food will surely set up your mood to revel!

Black Dog Ballroom

If you have heard a lot about Northern Quarter, then it is not wrong as updating you with its new offerings every time makes one feel go gung ho about the way it is playing in style and revving up the nightlife scenes of the nocturnal creatures of Manchester. Once such name is Black Dog Ballroom with its awesome dining atmosphere, mesmerizing clubbing scene, pool room and what not! It is just underneath the famous Affleck’s Palace. Party hard when the night is young as well as it gets old till 4 a.m. in the morning amidst the soul-satiating cocktails, buzzing night scene, secretive VIP room. This bar is ever-soaring in popularity, so make the most of it with your chosen diva from Silk Manchester Escorts.

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